My Story

I am Louie Novotny, born May 26th 1982. I am a Cleveland, Ohio based musician.  I am a multi instrumentalist with many projects, side projects and artistic expressions. I have also been the General Manger for School of Rock [Cleveland West] since 2008. 

My professional music career began at age 11 when I joined the world renowned Ohio Boy Choir. In my tenure there I was able to travel the world and perform in some of the most amazing venues there are to offer including The Sydney Opera House & The White House. That is where the obsession started. Picking up the bass at 18 I was ready to embark a new musical path. Locking myself in my room in college and shedding almost non stop [to my roommates chagrin] I honed the chops needed to get out there. It all really hit the fan in 2005 when I joined local and national touring act Hot Ham & Cheese. After many albums, side projects, sit ins, jams, listens, and shows I find myself here. 

I am always looking to create new things and recreate the greats for someone to enjoy on their evening out. Looking forward to seeing you out or sharing some new tunes. 


Jaywalker & The Pedestrians [2000-2001]
Novot [2001-Present]
JJR/The Benefit [2002-2004]
Hot Ham & Cheese [2005-Present]
The DF [2010-2013]
Alcoholik Spok [2010/2013]
The Plaid Descent [2011/2015]
Waste Casket [2012]
Take Our Jazz [2013]
Sorry William [2014-2016]
#coverband [2014-2017]
Burning River Ramblers [2016-2017]
Duo-Ish [2016-Present]